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Saturday, July 2, 2011

6 Loads of Wash in a Dark & Dreary Basement

A washer in Tango Red would be cheerful--
and surely help lighten the load psychologically.
Some big families must do loads and loads and loads of wash daily. But it's unusual for us to do six in one day. It's because Fig leaves for 4 weeks as a counselor in training at sleepaway camp tomorrow.

You can't take your entire wardrobe, you know, I said.

I know, I'm just washing it all and then choosing what to take.

Honestly, she washed like five pairs of pajama bottoms and a million pairs of shorts and shirts and bras. I think she emptied all of her drawers and threw it all in the wash. She has overpacked. I hope it is okay.

I will be relieved when our Figgy is at camp safe and sound.

Good night.

  1. Walked Sug on Bradford School loop; walked to Bradford playground with Punch, H., Sug and our good young friend Nikki. 
  2. When asked if we wanted to see dessert menu @ kabob place tonight, said no.


  1. I hope she has a great time! Have a safe trip up. Love, Linda

  2. Yesterday, I drove 9 hours round trip to drop off my middle one for his three weeks away. After similar laundry adventures. However, since he has to carry it all, in the end he left most of it behind.

    I bet she'll do just fine, and return happy, tired, and in some indescribable way, more mature.

  3. Hi Lin. Thank you. You travel safely too! Hi Nan...I hope your young man has a wonderful time.
    love alice