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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dream Roll: Cape Cod with Mom + Dad

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With Fig away, I've been waking up early and falling back to sleep, worrying a bit. But those subsequent sleeps have been rich minefields for dreams.

Dreamt Mom and Dad were going to the Cape on the spur of the moment and asked Sis and me to go with them. They also worked out some logistics with our brother Will, Mom talking to him about what he was doing with his life, his work. She was talking directly to him, caring but straightforward. He was staying behind in Dumont when we left.

On the way, we also picked up a friend, Joyce, and Margie Gallagher, who in the dream was going through a divorce and felt sad. Dad was driving his white car [the one we have now, in real life].

It was a Monday, and I realized I hadn't made plans for Sug, who would watch her. But Joyce had a little tiny, adorable white Bichon puppy named Bailey along for the ride! I was also fretting about my work, and saying quietly to Sis, Do Joyce and Margie know how they will get home? We're driving them five hours to the Cape--do they think this is a day trip? Where will they sleep if they stay with us?

Then...we were at a seafood restaurant on Route 6, with good live music. We were dancing, jumping around. Dad had a walker, and he and I did some ride down a dune or something. We were both holding on to his walker like it was a sled and laughing so much. It was fun and exhilarating. Then I hugged Mom closely. She had on a peasant skirt, embroidered white gauze Indian top and kerchief--an outfit she really did have. It was clear that we loved each other.

Then....I realized....I'm at the Cape! For a few days! Yay, I love the Cape! And I also realized that this was a part of my parents that I hadn't really seen--a spur-of-the-moment part.

And then I made plans for getting to the Hot Chocolate Sparrow so I could blog about it--and get an Iced Mocha Sparrow. And talk to my friend Anne about when she is coming to the Cape.

Magic Carpet Messages
If my bed is a magic carpet that takes me to subconscious thoughts, then here is what I learned:
  1. Again, my parents are together in the Great Beyond.
  2. I want to be at the Cape! And that's perfect, because my friend Anne and I are planning to go for a few days with her daughter Nikki, and also, H. and I are making plans for our week at the Cape with Fig.
  3. I haven't been back to the Cape since Dad died. It will be sad for me to go on some level. I have so many memories of being at the house on Wonderstrand Way with Dad. Also, there are so many memories of him there--his tools, the shoe polish kit I gave him one Father's Day, his old books, the marker on the bird grave he dug with Fig when she was tiny, much more. After Mom died, I felt very sad at the house, like I could really feel her presence there, and I missed her. Like you can go through your busy life and not face the loss of someone but then you can't run away anymore at the end of the road, the Cape house.
  4. I met Joyce through a friend and haven't seen her in years. I've wondered how she is.
  5. Margie Gallagher was the pretty, kind older sister to Eddie Gallagher, a classmate of mine who died soon after high school graduation, of a brain tumor. I think often of Eddie, and how a friend and I stopped over, maybe on graduation night?, to drop off a card. The house was dim but he came down to see us.


  1. Great dream about your parents. I love those kind of dreams – it's almost like we get to be with them again. I wish I had more dreams about my dad; they are rare. Love, Lin

  2. Hi Lin. Yes, it definitely felt like I saw them. And my Dad and I were laughing so much! love alice