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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy Day @ the Lake

Eileen and Mike had to work today, so H. and I were at their cabin on Lake Pushaw this rainy day with Figgy, her three cousins, our two dogs [small white Sug and big black Sasha], and my mother-in-law.

First, I polished Izzy's fingers and toes, then I did my nails. Then we played a few rounds of half-baked Name That Tune. Next, we took turns calling out a line from a movie and everyone had to guess which one. Then a racing game, even in the rain. We ran around the cabin three times, walked from the rock wall to the dock with an egg on a spoon, held between our teeth. Our nephew Kyle wanted to do a run off the dock and jump in the lake, but only H. was brave enough to do it with him. After that, H. dropped out to get changed and Kyle was upset. There were slammed doors and hard feelings.

I decided to get us out of the cabin, because we might go stir-crazy. I drove all the kids to DQ. On the way to the supermarket after that, we passed a sign for the Orono Farmers' Market [Tuesdays from 2 to 5:30 P.M.], so I made a U-turn. It was raining again, but Kyle and I ducked under the tents to choose a quart of Worcester's Wild Blueberries for $5.50; a little ball of smoked mozzarella from a dairy farm; and four crisp apples, two green, two red, for 50 cents each.

We never see anyone around here wearing high heels, and it's really nice to see, said the apple farmer. My heels are not really that high, but they're not flat--I feel frumpy in flats, like my outfit falls flat. But I regretted the footwear choice when we stopped at Sewall Park in Old Town to look at beautiful Mud Pond, read the signs about killing pike if you catch any [they threaten ducks and loons] and explore the woods a tiny bit. My heels got stuck in the pine needle-cushioned path. I had to turn back.

Later, the sky cleared and the sun set in sherbet colors. Just now, unplugged and stared at the stars over the lake. View framed by feathery pine tree branches. Heard loons, crickets, water lapping gently on the shore--and Figgy and her cousin Taylor laughing softly at the movie they have on while the rest of the family sleeps.

Souvenir: Many big mosquito bites, memory of stars, some tears--and common-sense realization that our family vacations are not always easy. Far from it, in fact.

Good night.

  1. Umm...nothing? Well, let me see. I did run around the cabin three times, and I took a shower.
  2. Star gazing, and realizing how much nature calms and centers me.

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