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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Sunday at the Lake

A little taste of what it would be like to summer on the lake in Maine. Figgy and her cousin, Taylor, 16 [she and he have been really close since they were toddlers], went out on the Holts' motorboat when Andrew Holt, 16, came over and zipped them out for a ride. It looked like something out of a Gidget movie when the pretty aqua and white boat pulled up to the dock, right at the foot of the property, and the three of them went off in their swimsuits. So cute. So unlike home. They were gone for a while, because they docked the boat and swam. Then all three of them went out twice more with Figgy's uncle at the helm of his boat--once to go tubing, once to pull the two younger boys on a big tube behind them.

I walked four miles on the dirt road this morning with Eileen and our dogs, catching up and talking. Three of H.'s four brothers came over today and it was nice to just sit on the deck by the lake.

The sunset was again beautiful.

Good night.

  1. Long walk to start the day.
  2. Short nap to revive.
  3. Tried to be present; to remove myself from the tortilla chip bowl by walking outside.
  4. Lots of ice water, a little wine.

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  1. This sounds great. I've missed your regular daily blog posts but I keep on checking anyway. The important thing is that you are having a good time, and spending it with family. Love, Linny