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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunrise Yoga by the Bay

Beautiful oasis, protected from real life and hard roads.
Set my cell alarm for 6:20 A.M. My friend Anne and I went to Sunrise Yoga, something new at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. It was from 7 to 8, and I loved it. Eric Clark, our teacher, called our attention to the birds around us, the trees and the sea. Breathe in and smell that salt air, he said as we did warrior poses and sun salutations. And when we did the pose where you go into a plank position and then extend one arm forward and the opposite leg back [I've heard it called superman pose and Eric jokingly called it hood ornament], he said, Your arm points to the water and your foot points to Route 6.

I once had to reach under my yoga mat to remove a pine cone and stone that were interrupting my smooth surface. We were in a sandy clearing in the woods, a place I know from when Figgy did the Natural History Day Camp at the sanctuary for a week each summer when she was younger.

What a beautiful way to start the day--maybe best $15 spent on trip. It's every Thursday through September 1; preregister or drop in. All levels. Call 508.349.2615. Wish I could do it every week, or every day.

At Eastham Public Library again, writing about Disney World. Talk about polar opposites--though did you know that DW's Yacht & Beach Club at Epcot has a Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island theme? I will find solace in that, a good segue from my pondside perch to Orlando, Florida.

Have a good day.

  1. Writing this post right now before diving into work.
  2. Taking Sug for little peaceful walks on Wonderstrand Way every chance she and I get. Her Small Self looked indignant and insulted when I left for the library without her this morning--she registered complete disbelief.

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