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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carb Haze

For some reason, have been craving carbs big time. Maybe it's that time of my monthly cycle, I don't know. But even though I chose whole grains today, I'm still craving carbs--but in truth, maybe a little less than if I'd grabbed snow-white ones. The brown ones do seem to fill you up more, have longer staying power. Today's took some effort, too: whole-wheat bagel; whole-wheat tortilla; brown rice.

Good night.

  1. Sent a hand-written letter to Sis. Getting back to old-fashioned notes is on my TCOY list. I enjoy the thinking, writing, tucking in pink envelope [if possible], addressing, stamping, sailing it off on its way.
  2. Walked Sug around block twice.
  3. Walked 40 minutes, to appt. and grocery store.
  4. Private Benjamin.
  5. Made steamed broccoli and carrots and brown rice for sides @ dinner.

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