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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cautious Optimism

Things are going better. Tonight, Figgy has maybe a dozen friends over. She and H. strung pretty lights in the backyard; Fig set up little seating areas with tea lights. She filled the birdbath with water and floated some there, too. They lit tiki lights.

H. cooked on his trusty, dented charcoal grill: Cheddar burgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs. We put out a yellow bowl of plump red grapes and a raw veggie tray with dip. I made oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies sweetened with pure maple syrup.

It's fun to see and hear the kids. The laughter. H. lit a fire in the little stone hearth he built years ago behind our house. They sat on logs. Then they came back up and walked over to Applegate for ice cream. Now they're back again.

I think I'll watch some T.V., a rarity. Good night.

  1. Walked Sug around block once. Ummmmm.....that's it. Wish I could report good news re. eating, but it was a carb-loaded day.

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