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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Dying to tell you about the home of these Sea Salt Caramels.

Pining to write more about the chocolate tour, but am too tired now. Have a couple of work appointments in the morning, then have to face seven-hour drive home [it's shorter, but that counts the rest stops]. So rest of my chocolate report will have to wait. You might not even care--though I hope you will--but I do! I love to write about chocolate. Almost as much as I love to write about Lilly or Tory clothing, or pretty jewelry......or nature....

Sweet moments today:
  • Being with Fig.
  • Walking around Middlebury College campus. Church bells ringing, white steeple against blue sky, ivy-covered buildings, kids playing quidditch on the green. Really cool to see. Also, lots of bikes in racks, at the ready. And mountain views--beyond beautiful. No wonder Robert Frost wrote poetry around here.
  • Otter Creek.
  • Moonlit Alpacas Farm. Right past the college. We got out and took pictures. Dozens of furry alpacas, young and old. The friendly fellow in the truck told us they are shorn once a year, in the spring.
  • Phone call from H., in Wisconsin.
  • The gorgeous drive back to Stowe. What can I say-- pure loveliness.
  • The farmstands with pumpkins and apples--and the pumpkin patch we saw.
  • The stores, proudly selling local treats, from pumpkin-pie fudge to sandwiches made with farm cheese and sauteed apples.
  • The short walk I took with Meg, Sug and Bailey.
  • The cell phone call Fig got as our car climbed up the mountain! Word of a likely job offer for the vintage fashion store in town!!!!!
  • The party to celebrate Lauren's and Mike's wedding, which took place in California in May. All nine Bergamini kids were there tonight, and it was great to see them. Our parents were close lifelong friends. Now the nine are adults with families of their own. It was really nourishing to be with them all. The party was at the Stowe Mountain Lodge, and David, the youngest of the nine, was playing drums and singing with his band. Everything was delicious, including two Amaretto sours [have you tried one lately?], corn fritters, mini burgers on buns, pulled-pork tortillas, blueberry cheesecake. I think my favorite part, though, was the fire pit outside, where you could make s'mores. I loved sitting around it, staring at the flames, feeling the warmth, as the kids of my peers, and Figgy, roasted marshmallows. [Had s'mores on my mind, b/c @ the Lake Champlain Chocolates media tour yesterday, press contact Meghan was telling us that the company makes its own graham crackers in small batches now, and that they're delicious with their fresh whipped marshmallows and a square of their dark chocolate.]
  • Matthew, brother of groom Mike and son of oldest Bergamini daughter, Julie. Matt is a Vermont high schooler, and he and Figgy were talking. It was really sweet.
Must rest. Hope that wherever you are, there are some pretty leaves. Good night.

  1. Inhaled beauty driving Route 17 East from Middlebury toward Stowe.
  2. Washed face.
  3. Took [very short] walk.
  4. About to pour myself nice tall glass of Vermont water now--nightcap.

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