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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting Older

Feelin' it in my bones. Seven-hour drive to Vermont makes me tired. Didn't have H. to shoulder most of the driving, which he prefers to do. The scurrying, the packing, the gas-filling, the sandwich taking, the water cup and water bowl [for Sug] bringing--tiring. Inevitably, I end up forgetting something, anyway. This time: my comb and my hot pink ruffly shirt.

That's all, just an observation that I'm getting older. But here we are, safe and sound, and I trust tomorrow will be a beautiful leaf-peeping, Mount Mansfield-viewing day. This Stowe Mountain Lodge is dreamy--we're here for just one night. [You wouldn't believe how many places I called to find a place for Saturday night. Everyone packed, from Econo Lodge to Sheraton.] But we're coming back to this lodge Sunday evening for a big family party. The lobby is so colorful and hip, with blood-orange cushions, fresh orange couches. I'm really looking forward to the party.

Must sleep, rising at 7:15. Good night.

  1. Boot camp.
  2. Glimpsed clear moon through tree leaves when walking Sug briefly tonight.

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