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Saturday, October 1, 2011


....for what matters most. If I learned anything over the last year, in the darkest, starkest moments, I learned that. It's the health of family and friends. Good night.

  1. Private Benjamin.
  2. Stopped by to see my friend Anne at work at soup kitchen. Miss her.
  3. Walked Sug around block once.
  4. In bagel shop, while waiting for bagel, eyed, picked up, longed for and put back giant cappuccino chocolate-chip muffin, lemon-poppy muffin and mandarin orange muffin--all wrapped individually in plastic and arranged in baskets for the taking. A bagel wasn't enough? Needed a huge muffin, too? Resisted.
  5. Felt hurt about something. Let myself sit with those feelings, on drive to grocery store, in grocery store. Allowed myself to feel the dark side, not try to bury it in donuts or candy. Life is ugly sometimes, and that's the truth. Can't sugarcoat it.


  1. I am grateful that you have much to be grateful for. Love, Linda

  2. thank you:) still rocky road sometimes, but....