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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello from Starbucks

I didn't get one of these.
Our internet wasn't working--H. just texted to say he fixed it--but I had to work, so came to Starbucks for the second time today [earlier, business meeting with an editor over a nice latte].

So here I sit next to one of those artful chalkboards [with snowman, reindeer and snowflakes], the colorful words shouting:
The wait is finally over. 
Peppermint Mocha 
Eggnog Latte 
Gingerbread Latte

Feels good to be productive on this free wireless and not be distracted by dishes, dust balls and more. May do this more often! Kind of like it. Though I do really seem to thrive on being in command central at home, too.

Must go. Have to throw in a load of delicate laundry before bed. Fig has no school Thursday and Friday [NJ teachers' conferences] and we're going with H. back to the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island for two nights. Can't wait. Leaving after school tomorrow. Rather than money, the hotel paid me this way for the spa story I wrote for their glossy magazine.

  1. Friends!!! Patsy's bday today--Nicky made a lovely lunch for 10...yummy butternut squash soup and panini. Lisa made mini pumpkin-Cheddar muffins. Helen brought bubbly. I got up early and made Martha Stewart's Devil's Food Cake, which was very, very good. Patsy eats very healthfully, but when she does have cake, she likes chocolate. And I realized as the beaters whirred and I poured in ribbons of butter and sugar that I love the therapy of it all. The creating. The art. The giving. The doing. The warmth and the fragrance. The making people happy with a special treat. [I am behind on two very special bday cakes, though--Sis's and Anne Mernin's, and both of their bdays were in April. Sometimes that happens. They both have particular cakes they like, too. Sis's is Pope Cake and Anne's is German Chocolate.]
  2. Made the second recipe I planned for dinner, with spinach and artichokes and portabellos.


  1. Have a great time! Sounds like a nice relaxing thing to do before the holiday hectics kick in. Love, Lin

  2. The cake was sensational. Hope you have a good time away.

  3. Lin, thank you. Lisa, thank you. I loved the muffins you made too!