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Sunday, September 30, 2012

9th Annual Block Party Bake-off

My Applesauce Cake with Caramel Frosting and garden dahlias.
Cookie Monster Cupcakes made by a young girl, who won a $25 movie gift card.

I know how to rotate photos, but when someone takes them on their phone and they're sideways, even if I rotate them, they end up sideways. So forgive me that my heart cake is tilted. Aren't those Cookie Monster Cupcakes adorable? The children on the block really ate them up.
It's been a busy weekend, and I'm tired. And...looks like this was our last bake-off for the time being. RIP, pastry bags, rolling pins and cake pedestals. Sweet memories of Amy's chocolate chip cookies with fleur de sel, Terry's beautiful cakes, Deb's organic fruit crisp. [This is PC Montclair, after all.]

We only had four entries total and in the past, we have had up to 10 or more. Life goes on. One girl who always entered has left for college--her sweet sister, one year younger, liked to enter, too, but wouldn't you know this was parents' weekend on campus. Many of the amazing--and I do mean amazing, stellar, Paige's chocolate-dunked-cheesecake-pops-caliber-talented--bakers on our block are tired of entering every year, and I don't blame them, even if they do win the $25 Williams-Sonoma gift card. So George [my neighbor/friend who tallies the votes with me] and I have proposed a chili cook-off for next year, which will also get more men involved. [Once, a man entered our bake-off and swept away the prize with a glorious fruit tart, but I think he was perhaps the only man who ever entered. And btw, once Figgy entered a winning soft lemon cookie with apricot jam filling.]
I usually bake a dessert but just put it on the food table, b/c it's odd to run the bake-off and then possibly win [even though I never judge, coordinating a panel of adults and kids every year]. But with only three other entries, I had to step up to the plate.

This year, happy to say that Sally won with fast-disappearing chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling. Disappeared so fast that I didn't get to try one....
Good night.
  1. Biked to church.
  2. Spiritual food [see 1., above].


  1. Hi Al. Pics not showing up and I can't see your applesauce cake and dahlias :( Love, Linny

  2. thanks for telling me Lin. can you see them now? love al

  3. Yes. Your cake is beautiful!!!! Lin

  4. OMG, Alice, that cake looks out of this world! You are very talented.

  5. Hi Eileen...thank you...I hope all is, alice