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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple-Pie Order

I know where that three-word phrase comes from. It's not that your life is instantly in order when you make an apple pie from scratch, cubing the butter, rolling the crust, peeling the apples [the peel falling off in long ribbons], fluting the edges, cutting the steam vents, sprinkling the top with sugar. No, it's that your little slice of the world feels more orderly during that time.

It's that things feel more wholesome and homespun and simple when you're sitting at your kitchen table slicing apples [removing bruised parts, leaving snow-white flesh] and shaking old-fashioned flour, sugar and cinnamon into the chipped mixing bowl. For a fleeting moment, you can imagine you have a perfect life.

Or wait a minute--with an apple pie in the oven, maybe you do.

[FYI, recipes I used are Apple Pie I from The Joy of Cooking, for the filling, made with tiny red apples H. gathered in the Catskills and some Golden Delicious from ShopRite, and this BUTTER PIE CRUST RECIPE from, which can't be beat.]

Good night.

  1. Went to support group. Grateful for the strength to get there and to share...and so very grateful for the other brave women and men there.
  2. Hiked over to Mills Reservation and up the mountain with Fig and Sug this afternoon.
  3. Nap.

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