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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hot and Bothered

..and going to sleep. Literally too hot to sit here at this dining room table and write. Even with the A.C. on. I told you, hot flashes. Good night.

  1. Protein for breakfast--egg and turkey sausage.
  2. Nap.
  3. Cleaned with H., to get house and life in order. [Figgy away with friends in Catskills this weekend, so we have time and space.]


  1. Hi Al. I have been trying to think of something encouraging to say about the flashes. Here’s one. At least the weather will be getting cooler. That’s about the best I can do. Good luck and I hope that they are a short-lived period in your life. I can, however, offer many good points about finally making it through menopause but that will have to be via an email. Take care, stay cool. Love, Lin

  2. Lin, thank you for the supportive note. love, al