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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Magazine Hunting Season

My friend Kim blogged about this Martha S. apple recipe.....

It's getting rough out there. I sometimes can't get by the supermarket checkout line without tossing a glossy magazine--a present, a gift, the promise of a new way of life--in my cart. It's an expensive habit and oh so addictive. Martha Stewart Living, Allure, Fine Cooking, Oprah and Better Homes and Gardens have been calling my name.....caramel-dunked apples, the comfort foods Oprah makes Stedman, Blake Lively's beauty secrets and more.

What I have to remember is the lean money days, so I don't go overboard now. The October issue of Martha Stewart Living was $4.99.

Good night.

  1. Biked to hair appointment.
  2. Got my hair colored and blown out!
  3. Met my friend Anne for coffee and chat.
  4. Double dose of Private Benjamin.
  5. Met two supportive friends.
  6. About to fill in my food diary now.


  1. Ha, Alice, that was one of my favorite ways to treat myself when I worked in the city. It was almost impossible to get through Port Authority without a little stop at Hudson News. Yes, it could be an expensive habit. But hey, isn't it sort of a professional requirement for us? (Just kidding ... sort of.) :)

  2. Hi Eileen! yes, it definitely IS a professional requirement.....:) thank goodness....hope all is well. thanks for writing. xo alice

  3. The media would have us believe these periodicals will change our lives...But for the staggering amount of advertising, most of these offer very little which the intellect might find challenging.
    Sad to say, there is more public demand for the visual (photos) than the (quality) written word.
    Here today, gone tomorrow!
    Sensationalism is not what I seek personally.
    I remember with fondness a few excellent articles however and deplore the fact too many writers forget their individuality.
    Perhaps readers are the guilty party: did we somehow give (writers) the impression that mass marketing is the only one to please?
    Advice to writers: please write from the heart and forget the 'trend'!
    Blessings to you and yours Alice,

  4. Hi Noelle...thanks for the note, and the food for thought. i think you're right, the visuals are a big sell......we buy into the cover photos, for sure...although as I writer I will also buy an issue to read someone's essay or article, too....i like what you said about writing from the heart Noelle. all the best, alice