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Saturday, October 13, 2012

the lady is a master

trust me, in person, this calls out to be yours.
sorry....having internet problems, so on fig's mac in kitchen....bum keyboard, no caps, punctuation, etc.

tired, busy day, but check dawson tunic sweater above by tory burch. is she not a master above take classic camel and make it stylish and new with black beading.....i want it now. cannot afford yet though. will keep eye on it and hope price dips from lofty 325.

last night at neiman marcus in paramus, while fig and pal were on more mundane fashion pursuits, i was looking at, touching and longing for this rich wool sweater....sighing out loud, like someone who sees a sparkling harry winston jewel, striking photo or vibrant pink peony. salesman was looking at me funny.

so gorgeous. go, tory. i love your gift of style.

good night.


  1. support group.
  2. walked about 40 min with sug and friends.
  3. made apple crisp for dinner guests; cut back sugar and replaced half of flour with oats.

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