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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frittering Away a Saturday Night

Bedtime reading about the Kennedy dynasty.
H. is in Minneapolis for a neurology conference [his new book is about the brain]. He'll be back tomorrow. Figgy went to see the last "Twilight" movie with her friends.

So Sug and I were left to our own devices, and we had a peaceful night. Fun list:
  • Shopped. But not wasteful shopping, for another accessory or sweater. This was Whole Foods, luxuriously empty on Saturday nights in Montclair, but still open til 10. Bought good things--dinner for tomorrow night, whole wheat bread, red apples and more.
  • Googled. I love googling. While the white ball of fur curled up next to me, snoozing in the breakfast nook, I googled older editors I used to work for [nothing came up on three of them], a favorite Feminism in Literature professor from college and a dynamic journalism professor--who wanted to meet for cocktails after I graduated, but it felt wrong, though he was very attractive, sometimes practically leaping passionately across the lecture hall stage in close-fitting jeans. Googling people from my past is fun.
  • Planted. Into the dirt went a candy-cane-striped amaryllis bulb and three small paperwhite bulbs [one for Fig's room]. 
  • Listened. To Frank Sinatra on public radio.
Now I'm going to get into bed and read the latest issue of Town & Country, which has a big spread on young Kick Kennedy and photos of the Kennedy Compound. 

  1. Support group. It takes bravery but is definitely TCOY. Step by step.
  2. Walked Sug about 30 minutes or more. The foliage was glorious against the blue sky; it felt so good to hit the sidewalk in my old sneakers and breathe in the air.
  3. Peaceful afternoon nap on couch with Sug. Remembered how Dad used to nap on Saturdays when I was a girl, our dog, Chip, curled beside him. It was a happy memory.
  4. Went to 5:30 Mass. Yay, can sleep late guiltlessly.


  1. I love having the house to myself for a night. It is very rare for me. Love, Lin (P.S. The image is not showing up.)

  2. thanks Lin for telling me about image....yes, an empty house is al