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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Glittering Palm Trees

At Deerfield Beach on Christmas night.
With our rental convertible.

The coconut palms look pretty wrapped in lights. We breakfasted on Mary Jane's stollen, from an old NY Times recipe--as a little girl, she used to make it with her mom and now she makes several loaves every year. We went to church and I missed Dad, started pressing back tears when I saw an adult son helping his older Dad walk up to Communion. We lit candles for Dad and my Mom after Mass. Some people in the pews looked Florida to me, with sun-bleached blonde hair and rugged, weathered, Crocodile Dundee stances. Marissa and Figgy unwrapped and loved their teenage gifts--Chanel Chance perfume, leg warmers [for the one who lives up North], eye shadow, earphones, jewelry. They liked the chocolate in their Christmas stockings. We walked along and on Deerfield Beach @ night--as you can see, H. wore the sweater I gave him for Christmas. It was 85 degrees when we went to church but breezy and cool at night by the sea. 

Good night and Merry Christmas. May we all be safe and snug in our beds tonight. May we carry the gift of Christmas, the sharing and caring, throughout the year.

  1. Was up till 3 A.M. b/c couldn't settle down on air mattress on floor of MJ's home office. I kept rolling and sinking and dissolving into giggles, keeping H. awake. I finally had to move to couch. So today,  H. and I caught up with nice afternoon nap.
  2. I liked being still and listening to the Christmas music @ Mass.


  1. Sounds like a Wonderful trip to your relatives. Enjoy. Meg