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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Remembering When Figgy & Punch Were Newborns

H. and I are still up packing. He worked @ a party in NYC tonight, I did hours of Christmas shopping and drove to and from Connecticut to drop Sug @ Sis and Don's. Then, we didn't want to miss George and Lydia's holiday lovely.

So the car is coming 6 A.M. to take us to the airport for our flight to Miami.

So when I am sleeping only 3.5 hours, the only thing I can do to soften the blow is to remember that once I had little infant girls in the house and they woke up frequently for feedings.

I can get through it one night.....a pedicure in Miami for me and my Fig awaits tomorrow. I read that they use orange oil...will report back.

Good night. Merry Christmastime.

  1. Polished my nails, fuchsia with glittery blue topcoat for Christmas in Florida.
  2. Support group. Good!
  3. Remembered to smile when possible, even in crowded Toys R Us. It makes me and someone else feel better.

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