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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Salt & Pepper Throw Their Holiday Party

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Years back, when they first moved in, I couldn't remember Sally's and Peter's names. "Just think of salt and pepper," Sally said, standing in front of her house. It worked.

Sally and Peter--she a writer/editor, he an executive in the cooking tool business--live two houses up the block. Every year, they throw a holiday party that includes champagne, wines, Brie, piping hot hors d'oeuvres, festive sweets and a look at their tall, fresh tree from Fred's, the Christmas tree stand that has been a beloved Montclair destination since 1956. The fire crackles and the candles glow. Also: The invitation always asks for a can or two for the food pantry in town. [This year: Toni's Kitchen.]

The party was today. I noticed many bags of canned goods by the tree. I had left my baked beans, cranberry sauce and peas on the porch.

H. has been away since Wednesday; he's in San Antonio to attend a conference of brain/intelligence researchers/scientists, research for his book. He's enjoying it, but he missed the party and I missed him. Still, the Brie was there, the wine, the friends. Figgy, too, with her pal Christy--both hired to help serve and clean up as the party progressed.

And then of course Sally, with a Christmas-tree-bulb necklace and a warm laugh. Patsy, pretty and fit in a silvery twin set. Lydia, in black slacks and festive top. Paige, always glamorous, with white-blond  hair and black lace--and her grandma's peanut butter ball recipe up her proverbial sleeve. [She brought a candy-cane-shaped trayful and they were good. I got the last one!] Lesley,  lovely auburn hair and chic skirt and top--and adorable third-grade son taking our drink orders with attention and grace. Amy, in a gorgeous top and long, slender skirt. Young mom Caryn, with a new haircut that looks so stylish. Susan, Sally's sister, a beautiful blonde. Julie, her dark curls set nicely against a snowy knit sweater. Lisa, in a ruffly gray cardigan with her dazzling smile.** And everyone's kids, running in and out to check the cookie tray and the candy dish. The husbands, too, but their outfits are not as much fun to describe. ;)

Oh, and me--in my recent underwhelming uniform of chocolate-brown, knee-length skirt, black wedges and sweater with Burberry scarf. I did go the extra mile and gloss my eyelids with that Bobbi Brown Powder Pearl Trio but, at least in my amateur hands, they weren't magic wands that made me a sparkly holiday marvel. Still, that extra minute in front of the mirror did have me feeling more festive as I held my wineglass and ate my crab puffs. And Figgy--makeup artist extraordinaire--noticed and said she liked it.

I have more to do before bed, and I'm tired, so better sign off.

Good night.

  1. Support group. Like the people there.
  2. Chose whole wheat bagel over white.
  3. Walked Sug around block.
  4. Fun and laughter @ salt and pepper's party. ;) We have great neighbors.
**Every woman I mentioned lives on our block, a stone's throw from mine, except Sally's sister.

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