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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Midnight Oil

Rough a.m. and afternoon with Punch, then things settled down. And she does love the little rosebud-trimmed Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit I scooped up in Boca Raton! She came off the school bus and wriggled right into it in her bedroom.

I hope and pray she and we can find our way--mostly she. Stones on road. Big, heavy stones for those little arms to carry. And she's just starting out on life's road, so that's not good.

Had to do my work now, due to work appointments etc. during the day.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp.
  2. Salon blowout.
  3. Short nap.
  4. Punchy's Private Benjamin appointment [in our kitchen] was helpful.
  5. Sauteed spinach.

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