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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Front Row @ Montclair Film Festival

Ate up every minute of this charming film.
Feel like part of the in crowd. Friend had extra ticket, invited me as her guest to see a film at Montclair Film Festival tonight.

Now that I'm back home on my comfy living room chair, I can finish this post. We saw "Le Chef," about a venerable chef in Paris trying to preserve his three stars in the face of the modern, "molecular" trend and a funny, passionate young chef who comes to cook by his side.

It was charming and beautiful and hilarious. And the French women were chic, from B√©atrice's simple necklace to Carole's lovely wrap dresses. I want to go to Paris. Now.

Good night.

  1. Good dental care.
  2. Lunch with Pats.
  3. Bubble bath with Marc Jacobs Daisy Bubbly Shower Gel. Leaves skin soft. Bought the white tube at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Commercial Street in Provincetown on that rainy Wednesday last week [perfect misty weather for prowling near-deserted Ptown streets and driving past dunes on way back to Eastham].
  4. Just typed up a list of 8 things I can do to get healthy/get in better shape. Document is called Turning Point Read Daily and is on my desktop. It includes things like never eat in the car, don't eat standing up and other obvious and not-so-obvious points. I hope it helps. I need a lifeboat.

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