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Friday, April 11, 2014

"You Can't Even Carry Yourself"

I raced Punchy to the bus stop today so we could get there faster.

I lagged behind, her pink backpack flying and bouncing, but she loved racing me.

You can't even carry yourself!, she said, not meanly, but just with a child's honest observation.

Going to the doctor today, an appointment I have delayed for too long. Anxious, because once again, my doctor will tell me I have to lose weight to prevent health risks and I will say I know, I'm trying, and here's what I'm doing, etc.

Have to hop on the bus soon, but am scared. I think it stems from the fact that my mom's doctor discovered her cancer. Doctor fear--even though Moey's husband is a doctor, and I know he is just a regular person who cares.

Yet, as I go today, and am missing boot camp to keep my appointment, I know that these girls stand behind me on the scale and sit behind me on the examining table: Moey, Sis, Patsy, Anne, Lin, Figgy and Punch. And if dogs are allowed: Sugar. Sugar for sure.

Have a good one.

  1. Going to doctor.