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Monday, May 12, 2014

Compass Point: Prouts Neck, Maine

The view from my table on the porch at dinner, Black Point Inn.

Wrapped in a "fleece cocktail blanket" that the manager lent me. It got cold when the sun went into hiding. I almost bought one of the cozy blankets, but $55, so I held back. I did buy a jar of Nervous Nellie's  blueberry preserves from Deer Isle in the gift shop; $9.50.
Tomorrow I'm going on the Cliff Walk, which starts down between the two fences. Can't wait.
Don't think I've ever been in a hotel room with a fresh bouquet--a fruit basket our Brooklyn travel agent sent to Hawaii for our honeymoon doesn't count, right? Thanks to my friend Anne for the Lilly sunglasses!!!!

Some travel notes:
  • It took 6 hours to drive here. By the time I got my a-- in gear, it was nearly 11. I got here close to 5. My eyes almost closed and my car almost swerved a few times. Had to stop for an iced coffee.
  • The Black Point Inn was built in 1878, and recently renovated beautifully. Some treasured details remain: old-time peepholes on the doors; mail slots for guests at the front desk [for decades, some families have been coming for several weeks or even a whole month]; ancient locks and door handles in some places. Oh, if these walls could talk.
  • I decided to have sugar on this splurge trip--but not go crazy, and certainly not squander on drinks and things. I had a modest cheese plate and lobster roll for dinner. Skipped wine and alcohol. Wavered over the warm Maine blueberry pie, but chose the decadent chocolate terrine by new pastry chef Ben Rollins. [My wonderful waiter, Joe, told me everyone was raving over Ben's desserts yesterday--Mother's Day.] I don't know how to give it proper praise. The top layer was spread in subtle, perfect waves--how appropriate. The chocolate was rich and right. By the time Joe returned to my table, I was scraping my spoon against the empty blue and white china plate, and he teased me. But I resisted his offer for a glass of Port.
So glad to be here. About to put hair up, wash face, brush teeth, watch TV and/or read. Good night to you.


  1. Yum! And hooray for balance!

    This IS like winning the lottery, and it's your job! How cool is that!

    Winslow Homer was my favorite artist in my high school and college days; I'm still a big fan. I remember doing a major paper on him for my American Nature and Art class, and going to an exhibit of his Civil War journalism drawings here in DC in the 1990s. I look forward to your report.


  2. How exciting! I always enjoy your travel posts, and I SO want to go to Maine someday! We're getting closer ... going to Vermont for vacation this year. :)

    Enjoy the trip!

  3. Hi Nan that's so cool that you loved Winskow Homet . I suggest a trip here to revisit that passion. I can't wait to see his studio. Hi Eileen. Vermont is so beautiful too! Love Alice

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  5. Sorry for blatant typo, blame it on tiny iPhone screen held in bed at night. WINSLOW HOMER yikes

  6. How wonderful, Alice! You deserve it!

  7. Have a great time. You do have a cool job! Beautiful shots, too.