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Thursday, May 15, 2014

From One Rocky Edge to Another

Not quite the pretty cliff walk, which I'll write about tomorrow....our dumb plug-in GPS gadget [from 2009] sent me on a meandering route home that involved the Taconic Parkway South in New York, a harrowing two lanes for a long stretch....I saw a mounted white cross in memory of someone and a rocky edge that scared me in the dark, drizzly night. When it widened to three lanes, I hit and killed a raccoon that ran out onto the road. At 70 miles per hour, I couldn't very well stop. Creepy feeling, hearing its body under my wheels. Accidental murderer.

Also: The way home took me 1.5 tanks of gas vs. 1 tank on the trip up. More proof that the old GPS is a goner. Driving solo, I couldn't pay attention to its little screen much, so it rerouted me in odd ways. Guess H. was right to worry when I was still strolling on the waterfront in Portland at 6 p.m.

Looking forward to writing about better things tomorrow.

Good night.

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