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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother Mary Comes to Me

I didn't make it to Mass for Mother's Day, so just before noon service ended, I pulled up on Norwood Avenue right across from the peaceful white Blessed Mother statue in the stone grotto. Opened my car windows, looked at the statue and prayed. Looked, prayed. Pink and white flowering trees swayed in the breeze.

I thought of my mother, Anne, and her mother, Alice, and how they prayed novenas. Wondered if Dad's mom, Rosie, felt connected to the Blessed Mother, too. I know she was religious--traveled to visit the Pope in Rome on a group trip--but wonder if she had that same gossamer thread attaching her to Mary. Sis or Lin may know....

Would love to sit down with my mom and my grandmother and ask, What did Mary mean to you? Did you pray to her a lot? For intentions, or just for serenity, insights and grace? Do you believe she interceded on your behalf?

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