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Monday, May 26, 2014

Positive Things I Did Today

  • Scrubbed the toilet. Don't laugh. H. took Punch and her pal to the Central Park Zoo to meet up with our other pals so I had a mini burst of energy to clean.
  • Put a yellow iris and two purple flowers from our chive plant in a pretty glass bottle on the bathroom counter.
  • Rested....again. This upper respiratory cold has been exhausting.
  • Sat at my computer at my desk and researched [1935, the year Anthony was born] and wrote.
  • Tweaked a favorite Ina Garten recipe to make vegan corn muffins, since Figgy has gone vegan again. Even H. and Punchy liked them--though they're still way better with eggs, milk and butter vs. soy milk, coconut oil and a little cup of applesauce. Good toasted with jam [or salted butter, for nonvegans like the rest of us in this house].
  • Went to Anthony's wake. 
Good night to you.

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