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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Updating My TCOY for Today

  1. Walked 10,500+ steps yesterday and again today, including walking Sug around the block tonight. That doggy is walk-deprived since Punch arrived.
  2. Had delicious salad with white anchovies at rooftop Eataly restaurant.
  3. Nap.
  4. Iced coffee. Stared down espresso chocolate-chip scone.
  5. Polished my old antique wood desk, reclaimed my space, sitting in place. Sometimes I get scattered and work in the living room instead. [Laptop so portable.]
  6. Still have not been eating sugar. Does make shopping easier--avoid cookie/candy aisle and ice cream freezer. HOWEVER: Going on three-day/two-night press trip to lavish oceanside inn next week and want to decide if it will be okay to eat sugar there. I know the food will be delicious, fresh and memorable. I have to see/decide/contemplate/get advice.


  1. I've been thinking about this, because its similar to some of my situations.

    I do better with "rules" than trying to maintain self control. So I can't have good sweets around where I can see them and access them. Yet in the mornings, and at work, my general rule is just "no, I don't do this" and its easy. No thinking each time, "should I?" because that wears you down and makes it harder and ultimately less fun when you give in against your (first) will. And so mornings and work are now a perpetual habit, and that makes keeping the rule easier.

    One option is to declare "no rules" and also vow "no regrets". Another is "no sweets" and "no regrets", telling yourself that the goal of controlling cravings is important, you are making progress, and its not worth derailing that for a momentary taste. Enjoy the visual experience, but no sweets at all, because for all practical purposes you are allergic. You can even tell people you have food allergies as they urge stuff on them.

    A much trickier course would be to make some rules in advance and keep to them. To some extent, sampling is part of your job there, yes? And you don't want to obsess constantly about "should I or shouldn't I?" but instead just decide in advance what course to take.

    And its a totally different environment, so it doesn't change new habits you are building at home. There is likely to be portion control and set times for eating, yes? Not food everywhere all the time. If there is a reception / buffet, go late or hold off your first sample till late. For me, once I take the first one, others follow rapidly, so holding off minimizes the. Only one of anything on your plate at a time, no matter if they are tiny (double dipping is standard for me). Another strategy might be to say "no sweets, until the very last meal" or look at the program and decide "just at this one event, I can sample, then I'm done with sweets for the whole event".

    The one thing you should not do (she says, herself a pot not wanting to call you a kettle) is to break your own rules, then shrug and say, "oh my, now I've done it, and all rules are out the window" and stuff your face full of self-loathing. What you are doing is very hard. But if you had a fender-bender on your way somewhere, you would not drive more carelessly and not worry about more accidents from then on, would you? No you would not!

    And when you shop, lipstick or soap, not sweets!

  2. And remember alcohol affects your judgement and your blood sugar, and fancy drinks aren't much different than a bowl of ice cream. Just build a drinking strategy into your sweets strategy!

  3. Nan. I am so thankful for you and this thoughtful response I'm going to strategize but to your point, yes, staying at this fancy inn with fancy meals and dessert does matter as I write about it. But I can make fitness and ocean view and fresh air a focus too not just sweets. Merci always. Love Alice