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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bike Beauty & Cone Crave

This excellent chocolate ice cream is $9.99 a pint at Whole Foods. Dark and rich, but pretty high-fat. Nice in moderation.
Punch biked on her little pink bike and I on my big pink one to noon Mass. Then we left our bikes in the rack by the little library and whiled away two hours. Had lunch and cold drinks and did chores in town. Good chores, like buying gifts at Chelsea Square and chatting with the lovely owner and going to the hardware store to get a bottle of spray for rose pests and a tiny tin of the sticky stuff for steadying candles in their holders. We ran into friends and had fun.

On our walk back to our bikes, we popped into Sir Isaac, a bike sales and rental shop on Bellevue Avenue. I'd never been inside. I bought a stylish [and practical] Six Corners Handlebar Bag by Po Campo. Love it. Clipped it right on bike for ride home.

Tonight, Fig, Red, Punch and I hit Whole Foods before 10 and filled cart with milk, yogurt, vegan foods for Fig [even Van Leeuwen ice cream, pricey but nice], apples, Alba Very Emollient Sunscreen in pretty lavender scent and Pirate's Booty for Punchy.

In other news, Fig and Boaty took Punch to the pool [while I read and rested], and pal Rowan and Punchy made grass soup and tasted some. Yes, summer is here. H. took a hike in NY State with two boyhood friends and he even took a swim in a pond up there...

Good night.


  1. Sounds like a terrific summery day.

    1. Thanks Nan will you sail this summer ? Does your girl
      like to sail? Love Alice

  2. I've been out sailing a couple of times so far. Sadly, none of the kids really likes sailing. It's fairly boring for teenage tastes.

  3. Yeah, I hear you, Nan. I feel like many of the things I like Figgy doesn't. But then I secretly think that she does or will one day. sounds odd, but....