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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Boating on the Sound--Connecticut

Captain Joe let Punch steer the boat in parts of the Long Island Sound.
Sis's husband, Don, and their friend Chaiya.
Sis and Don.
Sis and Don rented a boat and a captain for the afternoon. H., Punchy and I joined them and two other friends for a four-hour tour. We docked in Greenwich Cove to put down some bait, but no luck. Still, hard to think of a more relaxing way to spend a sun-splashed Saturday afternoon.

We sliced through the Sound, passing fancy Greenwich mansions; the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, where Sis and Don married aboard a sailboat in 1995; islands in the sea. Refreshments on board: Wine in a box, chilled seltzer, beer, turkey sandwiches Sis made, sweet berries, cookies, Cheddar and crackers. I want to write those details down so I remember them.

After, Punch had me in the pool at the Greenwich Water Club for two-plus hours. Our fingers were like prunes. A lot of fun. I also liked the chance to show her how to go ahead and ask kids to play….she approached a little blonde girl and said Do you want to be my friend? [As a hardened adult, I wouldn't have used those exact vulnerable words, especially in another state where I likely might not see the person again, but you get the idea.] Yes, the little girl said.

We're all spending the night in Connecticut with Sis and Don. Sweet dreams.

  1. Hot bath.
  2. Support group in morning--a friend told me six very important words to remember.
  3. Seeing Sis, and boating. Happy, peaceful pastime. Also: I did enjoy those berries. They tasted good.
  4. In the pool all those hours. Relaxing.
P.S. I just read this entry to Punchy--I've never read my blog to her before--and she said to add "Punch went in the seven-foot part of the pool." Actually, she wanted me to use her real name. :)