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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reaching, like a Dahlia, for the Sun

I put those dry, misshapen tubers in the ground and now the dahlia plants are springing up, stretching toward the sun's warm rays. I forget which color I planted--stylish orange or red with white flecks. 

I felt like I was reaching for the rays today, too. I went to 7 a.m. support group, set up work interviews, vacuumed up dust balls, uncovered some of my bright heart  beneath the papery husk. 

Even went to Mundo Vegan, a new restaurant on Church Street in Montclair, with vegan Fig and her sweet and smart vegan friend, Boaty, plus Boaty's mom, Rachael. I love talking to R. about everything from writing [she's a published poet] and mothering to lipstick shades and coconut oil [as moisturizer]. And it was good to hear our daughters' thoughts, too...about gentrification, suburbs, avocados and kale.

Sleep tight. 

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