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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Midsummer's Night Bike Ride

Punch is the kind of child who can go and go and go. She popped up at 4 a.m. to drive H. to Newark Airport with me, went to the diner and tried to feed her toast to a line of 39 aggressive Canadian geese, played at camp from 9 to 6, visited her beloved cat pal Chanel at the garden center, dashed into Kings with me for cereal/milk/bread, had therapy appointment at home, gardened--and still wanted me to take a quick bike ride with her at 8:30 on our block, under the light of the lamp posts. So I did.

Finally, after soak with pink bubble bath, she fell asleep near 10. Good night, sweet dreams. Punchy, may you be able to summon up such energy decades from now, when you run a family, corporation, medical practice, etc. 

1. That short bike ride.
2. Lots of grilled vegs on sandwich from Sandwich Theory in Montclair.


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    1. Dear Fruit Hampers, with all due respect, these random marketing replies to blog posts are annoying. But yours was entertaining and colorful enough that I chose not to delete it. Sincerely, Alice