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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Making Music

H. and I went once to Just Jake's on Park Street in Montclair to see my college roommate Alice Leon's excellent band play.

Tonight I was there again--as were Punch and Fig, and some enthusiastic youngsters who took to the dance floor. One was Anthony, a nice young man who recently moved here from Wyoming to follow his dreams.

We went to hear Super Movies, and they were good! They now have  a provocative song called "That Dead Girl," about cyber bullying. Nick Hall [Figgy's friend] was inspired to write it after reading a news story about a young girl who killed herself after being bullied on the internet.

My H. was in a band in college, and wrote some good songs, too.

When I watch Fig's boyfriend [Marc Dionne, the drummer] and friends playing, I often wonder how far their music will take them. I hope far--and I hope it's fun.

Good night.

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