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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Train, Bus & Automobile

Punch and I came to visit Sis and Don in Stamford, CT and sleep overnight. Too bad we have to leave on a train around 10 a.m., but we have an appointment in Montclair at 3….and we can't miss it.

We liked meeting H. on his walk to the New York Public Library to work [he was in the Port when our bus pulled in], seeing the lions outside on the steps, the pretty ceiling at Grand Central. We liked swimming and eating dinner at the Water Club in Cos Cob with Sis and Don, and rocking in the white chairs after, as we looked out on the boats and the water.

And Punchy always lobbies to take a bath in Sis's big tub, with bubbles and jets. Her wish was granted.

Must sleep. Good night. Am licking my wounds re. Figgy, like a mother bear whose cub turned on her. Though she sees it as the other way around. And let's face it, I have to stop thinking of her as a cub. She will be 19 in August. Details too personal to write about.

  1. Some NYC walking.
  2. Lots of ice water.
  3. No to dessert.
  4. Good skin care.

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