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Friday, August 29, 2014

Edge of Earth

Didn't go to Sag Harbor today after all. That--and walking over the George Washington Bridge--remain on my bucket list. H. decided to come--to my cautious delight, as we do tend to bicker on long car rides--and he wanted to check out Southampton. Since I knew the ropes [from my trip there alone on Tuesday, July 22], that worked out. And we didn't bicker too much*. I even made him play a silly car game. We left home 11:50 a.m., returned 11 p.m. [2-hour night trip home, vs. longer getting there]. After lunch in the "village" and some time on the bridge at Munn Point, we parked for free at the Road D parking lot at 4:22 p.m. The beach was gorgeous. I do feel as though we traveled to the edge of the earth. Remote, unspoiled. My heart and lungs are full. May we all rock to sleep as if in a cradle by the sea. Let's all save our sunny summer days in a bottle--that we can uncork when days get gray and rocky, as they sometimes do. Nature is healing and rich; the sun is warm and motherly. Good night.

This ties with my beloved bridge on Cape Cod, behind Coast Guard Beach. This is my afternoon shadow. I could stand and lean on that rail for a long time. Today I saw a spry little fox curled up in the marsh grass for a nap. When I lifted my iPhone to take a picture, he proudly pranced away. Nobody's fool.
The water was rough. I went in up to my knees. H. wanted to go in, was considering it, but then got knocked down and dragged in after this photo was taken!

The view from the bridge on the drive back.
*The older I get, the less I'm compelled to bicker with H...most of the time. But we did lock horns on the Southampton estates with their high-high privacy hedges. I noted the gates with security codes as an observation, but H. found them exclusive and even "creepy," the way they throw up such a barrier. And he implied that I worship the wealthy and want what they have. I explained that I like their style but don't covet their wealth per se. I do admire them as style-setters. What can I say?

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