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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Junior Ranger

The gift shop at the National Seashore [Salt Pond] Visitor Center in Eastham had this little park ranger outfit for $38.95. I snapped it up and Punch put it right on, then we texted photos to Figgy and  Auntie. A real ranger gave Punch the booklet of things she can seek and find on the Cape to earn a little golden ranger badge. I think young Fig did that, too, but didn't finish it out.

It was a rainy day but rain can set the mood just right in an old seaside town--and truthfully, too much sun is a cancer worry. When the drops stopped, I walked Sug around the neighborhood, past pink roses spilling over wood fences, and a worn whale-shaped sign with a house number on it. 

After dinner--H. served flounder and local juicy tomatoes from a roadside stand, plus sweet corn we brought from home--he, Punch and I went to Coast Guard Beach, walked on the forest path and over the bridge, on the marshy trail, past an ancient pear tree and beach plum bushes. We saw tiny black Fowler's toads, a big dark frog hopping across the bike path and a bunny by the beach who looked rangy and hungry [salty grasses must not taste too good?]

Dishes done, bedtime story read, time to rest. Good night to you.


  1. Ha, she is so ridiculously cute. :) We just got back from Vermont. I love New England so much, and I always enjoy reading your posts from that part of the world. Have a great trip!

    1. Hi Eileen. Thanks. Where in Vermont ? I love Vermont. All of New England is like a big gift from God , maybe a lady God, all wrapped up in a sky/ blue satin ribbon . Punch is wearing her ranger suit again today. Love Alice

  2. So cute :) I remember when L. was that age…