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Friday, August 22, 2014


For a long while now, I've been putting a TCOY [Take Care of Yourself] list in pink at the bottom of my daily blog posts. Today felt like so much TCOY because I walked a lot. While I walked, I remembered that for years, I used to set my alarm early and walk an hour every weekday before Baby Figgy woke up. Then I would see her--mirthful baby and delighted me--before the sitter arrived at 8:30 and I caught my bus to work in NYC.

For months--ever since Dad's car died--we've been readjusting to being a one-car family, and secretly, I like it. It just takes a little more planning, a one-car friend of mine said recently. Yes. So that means I try to always have eggs, milk, bread, fruit and cereal in the feed Punch in a pinch. I've also started stashing extra batches of food in the freezer, like homemade meatballs or tonight's chicken. And I try to make sure we have all our Rxs in hand if H. is taking the car out of state for work, as he sometimes does. It's not that I can't bike to CVS or the grocery store, but in case it's raining, or I'm pressed for time.....

We were a one-car family for years, until Dad gave us his white Chevy when he stopped driving....but how quickly you learn to take that second-car freedom for granted.

I hope you had a nice Friday.

  1. Walked a good deal of the way to boot camp. H. had our car for work, so Patsy drove me and Punch, who gets off for summer camp on the way, right on Park Street. But the line for camp was so long--it was carnival day there--that Pats would have been superlate to teach class. So she drove my ball and weights and I walked nearly 15 minutes to get to the park for class after checking Punchy in.
  2. Boot camp.
  3. Walked Sug around block.
  4. Today was Punch's weekly, one-hour supervised visit with her Mom. I asked the driver from Child Services to pick me up at our house--where she usually gets Punch--and then drive me to the camp, so I could sign Punch out and she could hop in the minivan and go as scheduled. Then I walked back home. Another 30 minutes at least, in my flip flops [poor planning/lazy].
  5. As if that wasn't enough, Punch wanted me to walk Sugar with her again, because she wanted to see two of Sug's dog friends on the next street.
  6. Ate cucumber from my friend Heidi's garden. And a little watermelon from the store, too.


  1. Walking is nearly a religion with me. Whenever I feel bad-including physically- I find it is the single thing that can get me moving and ambitious again. I like to listen to books on the iPod while taking big walks, but with my chocolate lab I can be immensely amused just walking around the block.

    But it does take planning.

    You also get points for being so much greener with one car.

  2. Nan I love the idea of you and your chocolate lab walking. Thanks for your insights. They never fail to help me. Love Alice