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Friday, August 8, 2014

What's Brewing @ Hot Chocolate Sparrow

Maybe I'm a brat--and I know I sometimes am, believe me--but I asked H. to please take Punch grocery shopping at the nearby Stop & Shop so I could sneak in a little quiet Sparrow time. Off they went with a list and the bags.

Things have changed since I was here in April. More sandwiches on the lunch menu--a Sparrow grilled chocolate sandwich, if you can believe it, plus egg salad and chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts, which I chose. [Sandwiches are $4.75 plus tax, and served from 11 to 6. Used to be till 4.] And--a customer survey to fill out by hand and place in a box by the sugar and milk bar!!!! What next, what next? Nutella crepes, Valrhona shakes? I turn my back and my Sparrow grows up a bit.

Oh, you can't replace this place. You can take home the chocolate buttons [chips] to fold into your buttery cookie dough, head for New Jersey with an iced Mocha Sparrow in your cup holder, scoop up coffee mugs and T-shirts....but you simply cannot bottle this feeling. And I'm not even eating sweets here today. I got a decaf iced coffee with some Sparrow blend and hazelnut for good measure...excellent.

I sit quietly and listen....happy chatter about cheesecake and children, some foreign accents, names called out sporadically when your drinks are up. Melanie! Stewart! Alice! But not on a microphone, never on a microphone. I think I love to write here because I know I can get what I need whenever I need it, and I do not feel alone, but productive and industrious in a sea of people.

Well, better sign off. H. and Punch will be coming to get me and drive me back with the groceries for our dinner tonight. [And I hope he remembered the white cotton string. Mary Lou, who sat next to me for two hours on the campfire permit line, was a Girl Scout leader in the Boston area for years. She told me about wrapping white cotton string around pine cones, leaving a tail and dipping the cone in melted wax for an excellent fire starter. Plan to do with Punchy. We gathered some pine cones already.]

Have a sweet day. And I hope and pray I can bring home the Sparrow spirit when I leave Monday. I already have two special seashells in my skirt pocket, which I hope to carry every day.

  1. Had multigrain Cream of Wheat for breakfast, made with skim milk. It's filing and tasty with a little sprinkle of brown sugar or maple sugar.
  2. We are biking to the pond for a swim later.

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