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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

12 Unstructured Hours and I'm Ready for School to Start!!!!

Punch came with me to boot camp today [entertained herself during the hour, played with another member's children], but the rest of the day was unstructured. I had our sitter, Elaine, yesterday and will have her again Friday night, so figured Punchy could play in neighborhood while I worked for hours today on something. But she got into several squabbles with her small pal, and kept running back into the house alone, and her 5:30 riding lesson at the barn was cancelled. So basically it was me and Punch for 12 hours, until H. took over near 9 p.m. God bless, he did bedtime and books, after I did bath.

I got tired. I wanted to take a nap and at about 6:30, I had to lay down for 30 minutes in the A.C. with Sug while Punch watched Animal Planet. Other than that, on what she called "a bum day," because she was bored, we:
  • Changed the fish tank water because she fed the minnows bread for breakfast.
  • Went grocery shopping to stock up on lunchbox staples--applesauce, turkey, cranberry juice, etc.
  • Wrote and mailed a mermaid note to Figgy in first-grade writing and clipped it to our mail basket for mail carrier Bobby to pick up.
  • Packed her lunch for first day of first grade tomorrow. She wanted to make it; turkey and mayo on sub roll.
  • Made two smallish Little Sister Key Lime Tarts, one for home and one for Elaine, whose husband loves them. [I used to sell them, and Elaine was a repeat customer; haven't made in years.] Punch liked tasting the graham cracker crust and separating the eggs.
  • Roasted watermelon chunks in a hot muffin pan that had been resting on the oven and then mashed them in a glass with ice. That was the royal We, not me, and it was very annoying because I felt like all I did all day was try to stem the messiness tide.
I won't lie. I had to fuel myself with a bit too much dark chocolate today. Good night to you. About to wash face and go to sleep early.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Lots of water.
  3. Worked productively, interruptions aside.
  4. Made whole wheat pasta and meatballs for supper.
  5. Ate a little watermelon from South Jersey.
  6. Looking forward to nice bowl of Healthy Grain Cream of Wheat with a dab of brown sugar and a pour of half and half in the a.m.!!! It does taste good and fill me up. Punchy likes it, too.


  1. Hey, I don't think that's a "bum day" at all. I like her phrase, though. Now that school is starting, can you send me some new dates? I am not working a ton in September. Rosh Hashanah days are out (Sept. 25 and 26; my kids don't have school) but the rest is pretty clear. Also, what size is your little Punchy in these days?

  2. Hi Eileen...Punch is wearing size 6X or 7....i think the shoes are size 12? I think we should plan the sooner the better, and Tuesdays or Thursdays are generally best for me if they work for alice Thanks!!

  3. God bless that dark chocolate fuel. It feeds my soul with luxury. Take care.