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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hitting the Bottle

H.'s Mom was walking near a DD drive-through up in Maine and a car hit her and she broke her arm. I'm not sure I got all the details right, but H. drove up today to see her and his family.

I had a tiring day with Punch. We biked to Mass and back. She didn't behave so well at church. Then she played some soccer with her friends and then she and I walked into town with Sug, about 30 min each way. Ate outside at pizza place. Then playground before walking home. Then WE BOTH HIT THE BOTTLE of Neutrogena Rainbath in new pear and green tea scent. Intoxicating, clean, luxurious and under $8--also a gorgeous green color. Once she drifted off to sleep, it was my turn to turn the faucet to hot and let it pour.

Good night. [Photo of tree on way to town.]

1. At least one prayer at church.
2. Walked home with doggy bag [chicken parm] from pizza place.
3. All that exercise. 
4. That beautiful bath. 


  1. Lots and lots of outdoor exercise-so good for you both. I hope H's mother is fine and he can come back soon-so much work to do seems even harder with no one to share it with.
    Love, Nan

  2. Same sentiments here--hope H.'s mom is doing ok and hope he's back soon. xoxo