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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Today I saw a smart, stylish younger friend of mine--she started at Good Housekeeping after I did. A group of us were very friendly. Now we are all moms and living in different places, not dashing out for a pad thai lunch on payday and then returning to our desks.

Eileen is a talented writer [Philadelphia Inquirer] and lovely person. Princeton was midway between us, so we met there for lunch.

So grateful to reconnect. We don't think we've seen each other since her wedding--and she has three sweet children now. 

I'd like to write more--about orange Princeton pillows in a gift shop, students walking on campus, the smell of fresh bread in a bakery on Witherspoon Street, professors shopping in the Kate Spade store. But as is my nightly statement lately--I'm too tired. I hope to boost my energy level soon by eating a healthier diet. Good night to you.

  1. Reconnecting with an old friend!!
  2. Driving to and from Princeton, enjoyed singing along to our old "The Lion King" CD from when Figgy was little. We unearthed it for Punch. But I love a lot of the songs on it, and singing feeds my soul. Even though I cannot hold a tune!!! I was alone in the car, so...

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