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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Health Food

I just wrote that title to catch your eye. Had to drive to Sleepy Hollow, NY today. It's the legendary village on the Hudson River, not far from the Tappan Zee Bridge. I went to look at the interior design work in a home there. It was really lovely. I wanted to be a dinner guest at that dining room table, pulling up a gorgeous carved wood chair with blue fabric, and have a bedroom as boutique-hotel stylish as that! Plus, the homeowner and her baby were charming.

After, I wanted to go into the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery--open to the public, but closes at 4:30 and it was 4:50. I was there once with Figgy's kindergarten class--they had been reading about the Headless Horseman with their wonderful teacher, Ron Klimik.

Then I headed to the shopping area of nearby Tarrytown, where I happened upon Mrs. Green's Natural Market on North Broadway, across from the post office. [I now see there are a chain of stores. My favorite parts: The little grocery carts for kids to push--these are bright green--and the kids' cooking class taking place downstairs today.]

I bought New York State milk in a glass bottle and a pint of local half and half and a six-pack sack of Cosmic Cookies, which were $6.99. They are big, energy-packed, raw and strangely tasty. Ingredients on label: Quick oats, spelt flour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, flax seed, unbleached cane sugar, cinnamon, sea salt, dark chocolate chips, raisins, water, blackstrap molasses, canola oil and soy milk. Vegans like Fig could eat them.

Then I went to the lower level and got a tube of Arnicare with Pain Relief. It's a topical homeopathic remedy for muscle pain and stiffness, and I want to put it on my calf muscle tonight so I can sleep. When I fell on the ice in Maine a few Christmases ago, my sister-in-law Therese and her friend Bonnie made sure I used this, and it helped.

Must sleep, good night.

Have to look at another house for work assignment early tomorrow morning.

  1. Good dental care.
  2. Hot bath.
  3. I'm sitting at a table blogging on my laptop. I want to stop squinting at that tiny iPhone screen every night in bed.

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