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Monday, October 27, 2014

Color Pop!

I love Bergdorf's signature lavender color. Tonight I wrote about how the two stylish sisters who run Whitepop Design put a little purple in a gorgeous home design.
It's kind of lonely to work in my office late on a Sunday night, when the neighborhood is coal-black and the rest of my family is sleeping. But alas, a promise is a promise, and my editor at Aspire needed my stories.

So write I did, about an orange Moroccan pouf [ottoman] in a lucky young boy's country-house bedroom and of the power of purple as a hip accent color in a home owned by two successful young doctors with three little children.

Must get off to sleep.

Good night.

  1. Support group.
  2. Mass.
  3. Messed up big time by opening sack of Halloween candy that H. bought at Party Fair and left in car. I had resisted it for weeks. But what's done is done. I moved on, brushed my teeth, washed my face, had some raw peppers with dinner, drank lots of ice water.
  4. Read Lena Dunham book [laughing out loud, she's so funny] and took nap.
  5. Liked the sunset in the sky when I drove Punchy home on Garden State Parkway.


  1. Yay! You got to the laughing outloud parts of Lena's book!

  2. Yes, Kim, once I got past that email chapter with all of the tiny footnotes, I have found myself laughing out loud and loving the book. Want to finish by tomorrow so I can pass on to another friend in our book group, since we're meeting Sunday....can't wait to get to Nora Ephron part...xo alice