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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Test Tube Baby" Learns New Skill Set

"Pharmaceutical tour guides" at Lederle Laboratories in Pearl River, NY. My parents--John Garbarini and Anne Mahon--met in a carpool from NYC; it was the late 1940s, and both were chemists. They were not pharmaceutical tour guides. But as I try to master science writing, I'm thinking of them. Thankful to and this LINK to the old postcard shown above.
Pushing myself forward--to learn a new set of writing and editing skills, involving science and health. It's challenging--yet fun.

New tools in the toolbox, not just the old hammer and screwdriver, the nails and the screws. Yes, I can grow and stretch, and it feels good. To not just master words to make you want to bake a billowy lemon meringue pie or buy a persimmon bed cover. Turns out I can also hone words like "stroke risk" and "hypertension" and "findings" to help you [and me] live a better life. I can be factual vs. frothy.

I have to go to sleep now and rise at 6 for more writing and editing. Please wish me luck. Good night.

  1. Doctor appt.
  2. Sunk into a very restful afternoon nap on living room couch, to recharge my brain.
  3. Private Benjamin. Helpful.
  4. H. made a nice platter of local mozzarella with tomatoes and basil from his garden. The only part Punchy liked was the cheese, which she kept swiping before he got it to the table :) We didn't have Italian bread to sweep through the olive oil on the platter tonight; she likes that, too.


  1. So good to learn new skills!

    My mother, a biologist, was a pharmaceutical tour guide at Parke-Davis, a drug maker, from 1960-62. No uniform, though. She was moving into tech writing when she got pregnant with my sister and quit. This was in Ann Arbor, where she, like most of her colleagues, were underemployed wives of University professors.

    Keep learning and moving forward!

    1. Nan, that is fascinating! absolutely fascinating. Pregnant with Mary? Love, Alice

  2. Good for you, Alice!

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