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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

November Newsstand Frenzy

It's holiday time! And having worked in the women's magazine business for decades, I learned that November and December were the fattest issues of the year. [At Vogue, that would be the September "telephone book" fall fashion issue.]

As a shopper--at CVS, Whole Foods, Kings and ShopRite--I am not immune to those holiday cover lines and cover photos, which compel me and everyone else to buy the issues.

I better stop for November now, because I've already bought these and haven't read them all:

Smitten with: Blue cover, hot pink accents, yellow that pops and CHOCOLATE--the idea that it can be delicious and light.

In my area, the magazine tested a cover with
buttery mashed potatoes front and center--which sold me.
Since I worked @ GH for 10 years and have continued to write for them since 1999 [whenever I get an assignment], I often must buy--out of loyalty, curiosity, tradition.
How about you? Are you succumbing at the newsstands? Are you reading your favorites on your iPad? I'm not there yet. I still like holding them in my hand, tearing out recipes, etc.

Good night to you.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Worked hard at editing, and liked it.

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