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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rolling: Heaven is for Real

I've long wondered how we're all going to fit up there, but OK....
My parish is running a Faith Film Festival, showing free movies in Larkin Hall--where donuts and juice are served after Sunday Mass--on five consecutive Tuesday nights. Tonight was the first, and I went with my neighbor Mary. The film was "Heaven is for Real," starring Greg Kinnear. I liked it. It's based on a true story, though I haven't read the book. Afterwards, we were divided into four groups, each with a leader, and we talked about the film, what was surprising, etc.

"Babette's Feast" is the fifth film; I signed up for three so far.

Free popcorn, water and intellectual/spiritual discussion.

Good night.

  1. Booked a yoga class for Thursday. My body is feeling old and stiff.
  2. Read and napped moderately.
  3. Short soak in warm bath.
  4. Biked 30 minutes each way, Private Benjamin appointment.
  5. Continuing office cleanup. Feels good.


  1. I wanted to see this movie when it was in theaters - but of course never got to. Will look for it on Redbox. Have a great day. Love, Lin

  2. Lin, in light of Judi, I think you might like it. Love you. Alice