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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inner Peace: American Lullaby

I bought this CD at Whole Foods in West Orange. Punchy was a baby and we went shopping when the store opened at 8 a.m.
This is a beautiful, beautiful CD, and not just for putting babies and small children to sleep. It offers some of the softest, most soothing and masterful melodies ever.

Tonight, driving home from Sis and Don's at about 11 p.m., Punchy asked if I had the lullaby music. I've long loved "Home on the Range" and now Punch and I both adore "Cowgirl's Lullaby."

As we drove over the Tappan Zee, lights twinkling against the clearing night sky, Sugar snuggled on Punch's lap and Punchy drifted off. The musicians plucked the chords, their voices lilting and lovely. I highly recommend this. Here is the LINK to listen. Start with "Cowgirl's Lullaby" please!!!! And be careful, there are lots of CD lullaby collections out there, but this one is most magical. Perfect for tonight, when the clocks turn back and we gain an hour's sleep.

Track Listings

1. Praire Lullaby - Maria Muldar
2. Hobo's Lullaby - Kathy Kallick
3. Mama Loves - Suzy Thompson
4. Song For Two Pamelas - David Grisman & Tony Price
5. Lulalulay - Lauire Lewis
6. Home On The Range - Bill Staines
7. Resophonic Lullaby - The Moonlighters
8. Cowgirl's Lullaby - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
9. My Creol Belle - Mulebone UK
10. Hush L'il Baby - Sweet Honey In The Rock
11. All The Pretty Little Horses - Lisa Sokolov
12. Hush Little Baby - Susie Tallman
13. Who's Goin' To Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot - John LaBarbera
14. Love Me Tender - Beth Nielsen Chapman

  1. Shower with Irish Spring, H.'s favorite.
  2. Support group. Life raft.
  3. After that, hungry and in Target, stared down Cheetos. Got thin sliced Provolone and ham.
  4. We drove to see Sis and Don and celebrate a friend's birthday. It was fun. H. couldn't go due to work, but Punch, Sug and I did.
  5. Fed soul with music [above].

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