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Monday, December 1, 2014

Pages: Orange Is the New Black

We dawdled so much in setting up a Netflix account....but now I've finally seen two episodes of "Orange Is the New Black" [or OITNB, as my friend Kim calls it]. Luck should have it that the paperback version of the memoir the series is based on appeared before my eyes the other day at Bellabooks & Antiques in Belfast, Maine. I like it very much. Gripping, colorful, compelling. The thought of a privileged blonde Smith College grad heading to women's prison for a year for drug trafficking...intriguing. Going off to read a bit. Don't know what to do first, finish the book or watch the show. I think the former. Watching TV seems like a time commitment you have to block out, whereas reading--you can squeeze that in throughout the day and evening. Good night. Prayers for a dear and special, good-as-gold friend of mine going through a scary time [breast cancer].

  1. Boot camp in the park--December 1, and a few of us were in tank tops! It was sunny and 61 degrees. Crazy.
  2. Went to my friend Diana's Healthy-on-the-Go dinner talk tonight. Very helpful, great ideas.


  1. I agree-read the book first. I haven't, though I will. The show is really compelling, but I think as time goes on it has diverged more from the book. You can't watch the show with Punchy around, so save it up for an indulgent time when you are alone, like recovering from a cold, and binge on it.

  2. I haven't read the book, but want to. Books first are always as good idea. But the show is fab, so don't forget to circle back to it. And agreed, not for Punchy, but terrific for solo binging (or with H)!

  3. Hi Nan and Kim....I'm trying to recall situations in which I have both seen the footage and read the book: Gone with the Wind, saw movie first. The Children's Hour [play], read it first. Seeing movie [Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine] was intriguing. Julie & Julia, saw movie first. Loved it. Think I later bought book but didn't finish it? In this case, I will be doing both. And I look forward to scheduling time to watch the episodes. :) Alice