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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

Punchy and I were freezing as we waited across the street from Radio City to meet Sis, Figgy and Miss Florida Orange at 4:30 p.m. for the 5 p.m. show.
Miss Florida Orange and Punch--cousins and roommates--with the stunning chandelier as backdrop.

Trio. Punchy loved seeing the girls.
I left home 2:30 p.m. to get Punch early from school, drive to NYC, park in garage on Eighth Avenue, walk to Radio City. We didn't get home until 10:30, because after the show, we all went out to dinner at Cucina on the Rockefeller Center Concourse Level. Then we drove F & MFO back to their apartment in Stuyvesant Town. [Miss Orange flying back to Florida soon for Christmas.] Then I somehow got lost leaving Stuyvesant Town, finding myself by Avenues C, B and then A. Did find my way back.

Too tired to write much. Bullet list of memorable moments:
  • Punchy's tooth came out sometime after the multiplying Santa act....Fig and Miss Orange took her to the ladies' room and came back to present wrapped treasure to leave under pillow.
  • We liked the floating inflatable balls with large white snowflakes inside, which bobbed high above the audience. 
  • Orchestra leader was a woman. Nice. First time I saw that there. We usually catch a man.
  • Sis got Punch a huge cup of popcorn in a holder with a festive light-up handle.
  • Punch and Figgy had their photo taken with Santa.
  • I love the Santa on stage at Radio City. His deep voice, his animated stances, the way he nearly springs across the stage in his enthusiasm, his ample belly and tall black boots. And I adore the Rockettes. Their precision, beauty, spunk and spirit.
  • The Nativity is unforgettable. Tranquil and peaceful, with Mary and Joseph by their [very well - behaved, not a peep out of him] baby. The three camels take you back in time to that momentous starry night. The parade of Wise Men is beautiful pageantry.
  • Happily brought little goodie bags for the girls. The one for F & MFO's roommate [not there] contained chocolate Hanukkah gelt in a little net bag and the other three had some red and white gummy Christmas trees. All four bags held nice tubes of hand cream from Whole Foods and vegan sweets I made. You sandwich two paper-thin Lars' Own Swedish Ginger Snaps with the best fruit preserves you can get your butter knife into, like orange or raspberry. Then spoon fine melted dark chocolate over and gently turn the fragile sandwich a bit so the chocolate drips down. Cool on rack. By the next day, they're yummy because the cookies soften. All ingredients are vegan [the snaps contain oil, not butter, and to be vegan, do not use chocolate that contains milk]. For nonvegans, swirl on some carefully melted real white chocolate [Lindt]. For vegans, drop a couple of those tiny white candy decorating pearls into the slick of chocolate coating on each treat, to dress it up.
Must sleep. Good night.

  1. Worker-bee productive again today.


  1. It's so easy to get lost in Stuy Town, especially at night! Next time that happens call me and I'll set you straight. XXOO

  2. Hi Celia. I will!!!! Was thinking of you and told Punch we'll see you Sunday! Looking forward. Xo

  3. Celia that's me but somehow dans acct came up!!!: Alice