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Friday, October 27, 2017

Eat More Pasta!

I see this rich issue is also sold on Amazon.
I succumbed to a bon appetit special edition at ShopRite the other night. The magazine is called The Ultimate Guide to Pasta and I say succumbed because of the steep cover price: $13.99. But it has sturdy covers that feel sauce-resistant and keepsake-worthy. This cover line grabbed me, and I’m not kidding: Saucy, Glossy Fettuccine Alfredo. What cinched the deal was the recipe on page 46: Rigatoni with Brussels Sprouts, Parmesan, Lemon, and Leek./You see, Dan and Punch went to the Montclair Farmers Market last Saturday and got two big stalks of B. sprouts, so this seemed destined to be. I made the dish for dinner tonight, stretching a 1 lb. box of pasta to feed all four of us, with an ample bowl left over. I amped up the greens, adding chopped dinosaur kale, asparagus and twice the leeks and we only dusted it with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano on our plates, so the dish could remain vegan for Figgy. This is truly a keeper and really not too hard. I am recommitting to sidestepping sweets of all kinds except unsweetened pure cocoa powder or cacao nibs in a smoothie or bowl. Eating better is better for all of us under this roof. I’m tired of being tired and I want my eyes to sparkle, my skin to look better. I believe a little pasta and a lot of greens, and cooking healthy meals, can make that possible. Good night. 


  1. that sounds so yummy!!! I love when I hit that sweet spot: cooking and loving a recipe/dish and also feeling good about it.

    1. Yes, Kim. and today I went [back to] a nutritionist and I have my work/challenges cut out for me.